Top 10 Electric Bikes

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At SportsVibe, we love bicycles and have witnessed the growing popularity of electric bikes. In a world where having the choice is never an issue, people tend to value expert advice. This is how we decided it was time to list our Top 10 Electric Bikes. We know there are plenty of other very cool electric bikes in concept stage. We only listed for you the ones you can actually acquire.

M55 Hybrid Bike
Price: $NA
Power: 1300 watts
Range: Up to 75 miles
Weight: 70 lb.
Top speed: 40 mph

The M55 Hybrid Bike is the monster of electric bikes. Heavier, stronger, faster and more powerful than any other bikes on the market, the M55 has a top speed of 40 miles per hour. Comfortable in any environment, the M55 will reveal its true nature in hostile off-road situations. The 1300-watt motor is so powerful, you’ll often wonder why the M55 was equipped with pedals. Often compared as the Ferrari of electric bikes, the M55 is definitely the most amazing electric bike ever made to date. Video.

eSpire Hybrid Bike
Price: $9,500
Power: 1,200 watts
Range: 40 to 56 miles
Weight: 66 lb.
Top speed: 40 mph

Gizmag called it the ‘SUV of electric bikes”. This mountain bike-like frame and thick tires makes this bike the perfect companion for off-road challenges. Powered by a powerful 1,200-watt motor, the eSpire is one of the fastest e-bike there is. Another marvel of German engineering, the eSpire charges in 3 hours and can take you as far as 56 miles in hybrid mode. It’s total weight is 66 lb which still combined with the power of its motor still allows for easy maneuvering and freestyle. Video.

Optibike 850R
Price: $11,995
Power: 850 watts
Range: 40 miles
Weight: 60 lb.
Top speed: 35 mph

The Optibike is also playing in the big league. This powerful German-Engineered power bike has a top speed of 35 mph and a wide variety of custom options and accessories to choose from. The Optibike 850R is made of an Aluminum Monocoque frame that combines futuristic look and amazing performances. Video.

E+ TidalForce M-750 Electric Bike
Price: $4,495
Power: 1,000 Watt
Weight: NA
Top speed: 30 mph

The E+ TidalForce M-750 is build for though. This mountain bike-frame e-bike has an edge on its competition: it’s foldable (unusual for such a powerful electric bike) to fit in most car of SUV trunks. Powered by a 1,000-watt motor, it excels in hill-climbing and extreme off-road situations. Video.

PiCycle Electric Bike
Price: $5,000
Power: 750 watts
Range: 30 miles
Weight: NA
Top speed: 20 mph

Don’t get tricked by the minimalist design of the Picycle. This bike is equipped with amazing technology such as a theft-recovery device, updating its location on your smartphone. Handy when you just spent $5k on a bike! This a the best design we’ve seen so far. The monocoque frame with lacquer finish, in the shape of a frown, gives this bike a unique, sporty, classy look. Video.

Hanebrink Fat Tires
Price: $5,500
Power: 600 watts
Range: 1.5 hour
Weight: 85 lb.
Top speed: 20 mph

With its unique features, it’s easy to tell the Hanebrink hasn’t been designed for urban commuting. The fat tires combined with its raw power gives the Hanebrink an edge in off-road environments. Extremely comfortable in the sand, this bike is perfect for beach or sand dunes excursions. The low center of gravity gives the Hanebrink a unique chopper look that you won’t see on any other e-bikes on the market. Video.

Matra i-step Force 370
Price: $4,000
Power: 250 watts
Range: Up to 45 miles
Weight: 52 lb.

French company Matra has heavily entered the e-bike market a few years ago. One of their recent creation is the i-step Force 370. Suitable for city or sports, this hybrid mountain bike is quite a concentrate of technology and features hydraulic brakes and suspensions. The ingenious motor provides assistance when needed and recharges while going downhill. The integrated computer provides four levels of assistance based on the effort required. This is what they called flexible dynamics.

Ultra Motor A2B Hybrid 26 Electric Bike
Price: $2,900
Power: 250 watts
Range: 40 miles
Weight: 64 lb.
Top speed: 15 mph

The Ultra Motor A2B Hybrid 26 is a balanced combination of performance and comfort. The front and seat  suspensions are working together to provide smooth cruising. The A2B Hybrid charges in 4 hours and has a top speed of up to 15 mph. A comprehensive display provides information on battery charge, speed, distance and lights. Available in black or white, the design of this e-bike is pleasant, and can fit well in trails or in the city. Video.

Trek Valencia+ Hybrid Bike
Price: $2,650
Power: 350 watts
Range: 44 miles
Weight: NA
Top speed:  15 mph

The Trek Valencia+ is a hybrid mountain bike, equipped for city commuting. Easy to use in light trail, this bike will excel in an urban environment. Less powerful than the power bikes listed above, the Valencia+ can still help you get to work faster without sweat. The bike also benefit from Trek’s parts and features which is definitely a gage of quality.

Schwinn Searcher e8 Bike
Price: $2,679
Power: 250 watts
Range: 20+ miles
Weight: 36 lbs.
Top speed:  15 mph

The Schwinn Searcher e8 is a perfect city bike with a charge time of only 30 minutes. Like the TRek Valencia+, the Searcher e8 is a lot lighter than most of the other electric bikes in this top 10.

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