The SinkingSurfboard

Integrating sports item in your interior design is always a good way to show some true love to your favorite sport. It gets even better when this becomes useful. If the Skateboard Bench or the Branchline Bike Furniture are not enough, check this one out.┬áThe concept behind The SinkSurfBoard is to use an entire surfboard as a bathroom sink, beneath the wall-faucet. Replacing your regular tile countertops, The SinkingSurfboard will keep you close to surfing even when you don’t get a chance to get in the water. Perfect for your home or office bathroom, the board is fully customized to fit your space. Either buy a new surfboard, just for the occasion or use an old board with a sentimental value. Another great handmade creation from a passionated Californian company! Check out some of their best creations in their gallery.

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