The Best Golf Gadgets

The sport for which the most gadgets are being created is definitely golf. Golfing requires specific equipment such as clubs, shoes, gloves, and some electronic devices. Many innovative gadgets are engineered each year for the pleasure of golfer. Many golf gadgets are cheap and make the perfect christmas or fathers day gift.

SportsVibe’s Best Golf Gadgets

iPing Gold Putting App
An iPhone app combined with a cradle in which your iPhone slides to record impact angle, your stroke rotation, and the tempo of your stroke.

AirNet Golf Net
The AirNet GolfNet is an inflatable structure combined with a net to practice your golf swing in your backyard and recover most balls.

Segway x2 Golf
A golf version of the famous Segway, to replace the traditional golf cart with respect for the fairway and the green.

RoboCup Ball Return Robot
Robocup is a golf gadget that returns golf balls via a little device placed in the cup, making it easier to practice putting.

Teego Tee-up Driving Range Robot
The Teego Tee-up Driving Range Robot is a golf training system that makes practicing your drive more efficient by automatically placing balls on the tee.

Golf Swing Video Recorder
The Golf Swing Recorder is a video recording device with a screen that mounts on your golf bag and records your golf swing.

Digital Golf Scorecard
An electronic water-resistant gadget that attaches to your golf bag and tracks your golf scores, your strokes and best rounds.

Floppy Indoor Golf Ball
The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball is a soft golf ball with a woven cover that feels and spins like a real golf ball and that you can safely use for indoor practice.

Golf Ball Wrangler
The Golf Ball Wrangler is a unique gadget, designed to retrieve golf balls from water ponds. Perfect for golf managers, the Golf Ball Wrangler can recover up to 25 balls in each pull.

Brush-T Golf Tee
The Brush-T is a new kind of golf tee allowing the ball to stand on bristles, allowing less friction at the point of impact for longer and straighter shots.

Motorized Golf Club Cleaner
A motorized and portable device to efficiently clean and polish your golf clubs without any efforts.

Trunk-it Golf Gear Organizer
The Trunk-it Golf Gear Organizer is the perfect case to store and carry all your golf equipment (except clubs).

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