The 10 Best Golf Gadgets

Golfers are probably the one with the golfers have the greatest choice of gadgets. There are so many amazing little products out there, we wanted to showcase the coolest ones in a single article. With different prices and functions, here are The 10 Best Golf Gadgets featured so far on SportsVibe.

1. iPing Golf Putting App
An iPhone app combined with a cradle in which your iPhone slides to record impact angle, your stroke rotation, and the tempo of your stroke. A perfect gadget for the geeky golfer, who likes to rely on technology to improve his game.

2. AirNet Golf Net
An inflatable structure combined with a net to perfect your golf swing. The perfect gadget to improve your swing in your backyard, saving you trips to the driving range.

3. Segway x2 Golf
A golf version of the famous Segway, to replace the traditional golf cart with respect for the fairway and the green. A fast an convenient golf vehicle with a rack to attach your golf bag.

4. Golf Swing Video Recorder
A video recording device with a screen that mounts on your golf bag and records your golf swing. Watch your swing, analyze and improve. Perfect in training or game situation.

5. Digital Golf Scorecard
An electronic water-resistant gadget that attaches to your golf bag and tracks your golf scores, your strokes and best rounds. This tiny device replaces the traditional paper card and pencil.

6. Floppy Indoor Golf Ball
A soft golf ball to practice your game indoors without risking breaking anything. The perfect gadget to sharp up your game when time or weather prevent you from playing.

7. Golf Ball Wrangler
A useful device to help you retrieve up to 25 golf balls at a time from water ponds. This ingenious gadget solves a problem golf managers have been having for decades.

8. Motorized Golf Club Cleaner
A motorized and portable device to efficiently clean your golf clubs. This battery-powered gadget not only cleans but polishes your clubs, leaving them like brand new.

9. Trunk-it Golf Gear Organizer
A perfect case to store and carry all your gold equipment (except clubs). Shoes, balls, tees, glasses, wipes and any other golf accessories all fit in this convenient storage bag.

10. Golf Ball Bottle Opener
A fun, amusing gadget in the shape of a golf ball to open beer bottles for fun after-golf beer-drinking sessions. This battery-powered bottle opener includes a winning sound effects, every time you open a cold one.

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