Quick Spikes Temporary Golf Shoe Solution

Introducing the Quick Spikes ($25). This innovation is certainly going create some sort of commotion in the golf shoes industry. The Quick Spikes are soles equipped with spikes that attach to your shoes or sneakers and turn them into golf shoes. This temporary golf shoe solution can actually become a replacement to your current golf shoes, you just have to give it a chance. [via BeSportier]

There are plenty of benefits for using the Quick Spikes:

- First, they are cheap. At only $25, it would be a shame not to give them a try.
- They take lighter and take less space than regular golf shoes so they are perfect for travel.
- The Quick Spikes are comfortable since you stay in the shoes you are wearing.
- They install quicker than you put your golf shoes on. Simply slide the front portion over the front toe area of your shoe and the stretch the Quick Spikes over the base of the shoe.
- They are made to last so you won’t have to buy golf shoes ever again. Perfect for kids who outgrow their shoes each year.

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