Preview: Pele Trinity 3E Soccer Cleats

Soccer legend Pele is taking a real shot at becoming a major player in the cleats market. His latest release, the Pele Trinity 3E ($199), is a genius blend of technology with pure minimalist designs. In an era where most shoes are showing flashy designs, it is good to see a pair come out with a pure, classic look. The Trinity 3E has definitely accomplished that… and even more.

The trinity is an ultra light boot proven to optimize foot muscle function and enhance propulsion. With the Trinity 3E, Pele Sport had a mission to ‘place injury protection and propulsion performance at the heart of their design mission’. To do so, they have introduced new materials such as a tri-laminate called Symbioskin for their upper and a unique design called Stud technology for the outsole.

The Trinity 3E is planned to hit stores in November 2011. Here is a teaser video.

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