Preview: Pele Trinity 3E Soccer Cleats

Soccer legend Pele is taking a real shot at becoming a major player in the cleats market. His latest release, the Pele Trinity 3E ($199), is a genius blend of technology with pure minimalist designs. In an era where most shoes are showing flashy designs, it is good to see a pair come out with a pure, classic look. The Trinity 3E has definitely accomplished that… and even more.

The trinity is an ultra light boot proven to optimize foot muscle function and enhance propulsion.¬†With the Trinity 3E, Pele Sport had a mission to ‘place injury protection and propulsion performance at the heart of their design mission’. To do so, they have introduced new materials such as a tri-laminate called Symbioskin for their upper and a unique design called Stud technology for the outsole.

The Trinity 3E is planned to hit stores in November 2011. Here is a teaser video.

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