Phiten DUO Titanium Bracelet

Until you look closer, you may think that the Phiten DUO Titanium Bracelet ($30) is just another magical bracelet with performance enhancing benefits. The concept will certainly remind you of similar products, that improves strength and balance.

But the technology used by the Phiten DUO is quite different. This bracelet, made of silicon,  utilizes the benefits of titanium to promote good health, energy and well-being. Phiten uses innovative technology combined with athletic designs to provide energy and style to people who enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Their previous product, the Titanium Necklace is already being worn by several MLB pitchers.  To help promote the DUO Bracelet, Phiten has recently hired a serious team of NBA ballers including Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Eric Gordon and Derrick Williams.

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