GearPods Backcountry Survival Kit

The GearPods Backcountry ($110) is probably the most complete utility/survival kit we’ve seen so far, combining the capabilities of two of their best selling kits: the GearPods Health kit includes essential first-aid supplies to treat injuries and illnesses while the GearPods Survival kit includes tools and accessories to help you face extreme situations and emergencies with confidence. The GearPods Backcountry Kit is compact, waterproof and durable.

The GearPods Backcountry Kit is packed with items that help you handle the following survival tasks:
Emergency signaling
Starting a fire
Purifying water
Fishing and snaring
Repairing clothes and equipment
Boiling water and cooking

In addition to that, the Health kit is a complete selection of first aid supplies for treating common injuries, accidents and illnesses that may occur while exploring the backcountry.

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