Ektio Wraptor Basketball Shoes

When most basketball shoes are being designed to help players jump higher or run faster, Ektio has a different goal in mind: help players avoid injuries. Developed by doctors and legend NBA player John Starcks, the Ektio Wraptor Basketball Shoes ($150) help prevent ankle injury, the number 1 orthopedic injury in the world.

The Etkio Wraptor provides never seen before ankle support without taking away the on-court mobility. There won't be a need for time consuming tape and braces anymore.

In this video, Dr. Barry Katz (CEO of Ektio), and John Starks (Former NY Knick), explain how the Ektio technology works and help reduce ankle injuries

The Ektio Wraptor is available on Ektio.com as well as on several online retailers websites such as Eastbay, Finishline and Amazon.

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