BootBag Carrying System

At the crossroad between a messenger bag and a bike basket, BootBag ($40) is a cool bag you can carry in the street and that will also fit on your bike. The BootBag comes with the Quicksnap adapter that allows quick mounting on your bike. A large shoulder belt is also available – at an additional cost – to carry the BootBag when leaving your bike.

This hybrid bag is a great concept to make the life of cyclists easier. But the end-result is a bit more complicated than we could hope for. The BootBag can only be mounted on a Hebie bike racks (the creators of the BootBag) which is kind of limitative. The BootBag is also missing a cover top, to protect your carriage in case of rain or to avoir loosing its content (would you be comfortable carrying this on your bike?).

Our props however goes to the BootBag Leather, a classy version of the BootBag made of top-quality Argentinian leather with great thickness. The price tag is a bit thicker too ($360) but that’s understandable. [via Wired]

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