BlackTrail Electric Bike By PG-Bikes

Meet the world’s fastest (and most expensive) electric bike. The BlackTrail Electric Bike by PG-Bikes ($80,000) is so much about superlatives, it wouldn’t even make sense adding it to our Top 10. We doubt any of our readers will ever acquire one but it’s such an amazing bike we thought it was worth posting. There are different ways to ride the BlackTrail. At 20 or 30 mph, you’ll easily get a 120 miles range. If you push it all the way, you’ll get a less range, but will find yourself cruising at over 60 mph! With so much power, you would think the BlackTrail would be heavier than a motorcycle, but it’s been actually designed with Formula 1 materials to keep it light. The result is a 44-pound, faster-than-light electric bike.

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