Best Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

It’s that time of the year again when when we all spend hours looking for Christmas gifts. If you are wondering what you should get your dad, brother, son, husband or uncle, this list has a few ideas to choose from. But finding the right christmas gift doesn’t necessary means spending tons of money.

SportVibe is a reference in sports gadget so we thought we would compile some of our most popular gadgets for active people, all under $50. Therefore, you know that your gift will help keeping your loved one in shape.

We’ve listed our Christmas gift suggestions by categories, depending on your loved one’s favorite activities. Feel free to visit us again as we will keep adding more suggestions as the holiday approach. If you have any suggestions, please submit them to us and we’ll add them to the list.

For the Gamer

For Playstation/Xbox/Wii lovers, the best gifts you can come up with this holiday season is definitely Madden NFL 12 ($50), the newest addition to the Madden series by EA Sports. This is bar far the most realistic football game ever made. For a more active gift, try Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 ($50). This game compatible with the Wii Kinect will keep your love one moving with over 90 hours of fitness programs.

For the Golfer

For golfers there are always plenty of gifts to choose from. We recommended the Tin Cup Golf Ball Marking ($20), a great gadget for golfers to create their own personalized golf balls. Another smart gift is the Floppy Indoor Golf Ball ($15), a soft golf ball that allows indoor training without breaking everything. For more golf gift ideas, visit our Golf Gadget section.

For the cyclist

Bicycles lovers also are promised to a great christmas. This first gift idea falls in the useful category. The Airbone Supernova Pocket Pump ($20) is the smallest bike pump on the market and literally fits in a pocket. To add a little bit of fun to your bike riding, pick the Horn Bike iPhone Mount ($30). This incredible device amplifies the sound of your iPhone in your direction, without the need for any supplementary electricity.

For the Fitness Freak

These gifts will keep your loved one in shape throughout the holiday season. The Free Flexor Flexing Dumbbell ($40) works muscles in different angles and directions to provide better definition. The Nike Sport Armband ($30) is a moisture-resistant case for the iPod Nano so your loved one can work out to the beat of the hottest jams. 

For the Sofa Athlete

If you dad, husband, son, brother or uncle is more of the lazyboy type of athlete, a bit a of reading and watching should do it. ‘Guts and Glory: The Golden Age of American Football’ Book ($32) is a great book in pictures on the history of football. Senna – The Documentary ($20) is the documentary on Ayrton Senna, the greatest Formula 1 driver who ever lived.

Other Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are a few more christmas gift ideas. The New Balance Shoe Wallet ($9) is a small pouch for money, keys or other essentials, that laces up to your running or fitness shoes. The Rain-Maker Basketball Training System ($30) is a device that attaches to any basketball rim to improve shooting accuracy, forcing the shooter to find the perfect shooting arc and rotation.

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