Adidas adiPower Barricade 7.0

Finding a good tennis shoe is not an easy task these days. I guess you have a lot more choice when shopping for running or basketball shoes. But Adidas is trying to keep a decent foot on this market with the release of the adiPower Barricade 7.0 ($170), a tennis shoes packed with great innovations.

When buying the Barricade 7, you can choose from the Omni outsole for astroturf or artificial surface or the Hard Court outsole to hold tight on sand or clay.  The particularity of the Barricade 7.0 is also the fact that it can be fully customized on the miAdidas platform for a unique design you’ll be the only one to have. Of course all that wouldn’t be useful without the Barricade technology, to stabilize the foot during extreme lateral movements and direction changes.

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